Work from Home Solutions

We have over a decade of helping build solutions for our customers including enhancing Cyber-security and data management for over a decade now.

This new normal of WFH (Work from Home). Helps increase flexibility for a company, and in spite of health challenges and lockdown restrictions, it can still deliver performance and results, as well as avoiding business failure and keep continuity of your business.

However, with WFH also comes in cyber-threats to your business, every business whether banks, government bodies are all vulnerable to this real cyber threats. The good news is that they are entirely manageable, all that is needed is to figure out a partner and outsource this to them.

Enser helps build up the risks that the business might face and will work toward mitigating them. Enser with exposure to several best practices that it has set for some of the best names in the business along with them IT teams have worked around helping our customers in the areas of:

  • Threat Monitoring
  • Data Security
  • Remote Monitoring and Access
  • Anti- virus on personal devices of employees
  • Meeting statutory compliances for Banks and Insurance companies

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