One of the best way to grow your business is outsourcing. It help you to expand your business without having to formally hire large numbers of employees; or without investing in new capital equipment or without leasing a larger commercial space for office.

Outsourcing is when you give your project, activity to be managed by outside company to do the work instead of doing in-house. If you are still confused about how outsourcing can be a great tool for your business, then here are some of the benefits that outsourcing can provide.

Core Activities Focus When you outsource your project which can be handled by an outsourced team then you can focus on core capability of the company and make profit without sacrificing on the quality of service.

Access to on demand services Your outsourcing partner may help you with providing whatever services you need. Many companies provide multiple solutions like content writer, graphic designer, researcher, ads creator, software development, app development, contact centre or customer service as well as customer acquisition and many more. If anytime if you require services you can simply connect with your outsourced team that you need for your business requirements.

Saves your money The main thing when it comes to outsourcing is cost savings. Running a new business, you will need to invest a lot of money to get your operations running smoothly. Manpower can take up a large chunk of your funds. But if you outsourcing some of your operations, especially the non-essential tasks, you can save a lot of money, time and other resources. Sometime the expense of purchasing a new office or even renting cannot be an option, so it is most cost effective to outsource the project. If the growth of your business is based on new team setup so you can outsource the work, it is more efficient and less expensive than relocating.   Outsourcing can also lower the cost of hiring, on boarding, healthcare and benefits, payroll taxes etc.  

No employee-related issues to deal with when you are handling in-house project, you will constantly be involved in managing your team. Apart from this you have to look after the training and support of people accordingly. You not just support them professionally; you also look after them mentally and physically. You also need to schedule regular coaching session to check whether they are doing OK with their process. On the other side, if you decide to outsource some or a large part of your business process, you don’t have to worry about the people who will be handling the task. So the outsourcing company will handled all these for you. You will need to do is to specify what you need for your business and the outsourced company will handle the rest for you.

Lower Cost Businesses often think about outsourcing in terms of cost saving but outsourcing can do much more than lowering expenses. Outsourcing can promote your business and get new skills and can reposition your company in the market.

Flexible You can tailor the outsourcing solution to suit your business requirements, since it is outsourced , it makes it flexible for companies to modify the outsourcing needs and makes it easier to increase or decrease the nature of outsourcing the business, since currently the business environment is fluid due to COVID 19, companies find it more beneficial to outsource.

Rajnish Sarna

CMD, Enser Communications P Ltd.

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