As most people search for any product or service in google search. Google is  becoming a very important part of how user’s discover products and services in their area.  Google My Business (GMB) is easy to use tool for any business. It allows businesses to mark their presence in search engines and other apps like maps. The first step in any local SEO strategy is to claim & verify your local business on GMB listing. Qualifying local business can get you a free listing on google and you can display information about your company profile, address, phone number, business hours.

How it will benefit your business?

Three out of four shop keepers find a business online, and seven out of 10 make an online purchase while classifying the business on GMB you will be visible over the globe. You will get many benefits for your business as listed below.

Interaction with customers

GMB give you many options for your customer to stay connected with you. Chat facility is available to connect with your customers. There is also a booking button on GMB that helps your customers place orders right away.  

Cost effective

As we already now, GMB is a free business listing on one of the biggest search engines on the internet, putting your business in front of many potential customers on google. GMB listing gives potential clients easy access to their  hours of operation, phone number, website and directions very easily.

Expand your market

Market expansion is a giant leap for small and medium scale business. Years ago, global reach of businesses was possible over a long period of time and lots of hard work. Today, with the help of search engine optimization, we can expand our business globally in just a few clicks. Optimizing Google My Business profile plays a major role. By managing your Google My Business along with other social media activities will help you reach a wider market.

Managing Information

GMB information will be very useful, anyone who would like to buy a product or service will read the reviews and move forward for purchase decision. GMB is a free tools which helps to manage information like working hours, website, google maps, searches. GMB provides a wonderful panel for your customers to leave positive reviews about your business.

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