When you are advertising, you have to make efforts to grow your business. It can be organic marketing or paid marketing. Advertising is the most effective way to promote your brand. All companies in the market are competing with each other and taking efforts to increase their brand awareness, website traffic, and revenue and sales.

Earlier, advertising methods like television, newspapers, outdoor advertising were being used. In todays times new technology, online platforms like website and social media have also become the most powerful mediums of advertising.   

Organic Marketing Process

Organic marketing is the process of pulling the customers without making paid marketing and tactical in nature. It is also called as Inbound Marketing, this advertising cost little to nothing to attract the customers towards your business. But it happens to be  time consuming process and where huge inputs need to be put in by the management team of companies.

Some of the best things organic marketing has to do are:

It’s free and natural way: You don’t have to pay for organic marketing. Organic marketing allows you to reach out to the customer right where they are through social media or if they are looking for any queries on a search engine.    

Build brand awareness: With organic marketing, we can get the word out about your business, the product and services your industry offers. Customer required many point of contact before making purchase decision so organic marketing helps make that possible.

Helps to drive more traffic: When you want more people to see your brand, a organic marketing approach can be helpful to drive traffic and generate cold leads.

Permanent traffic with organic marketing: The most relevant your content is for the users, the more likely they are to keep engaging in the content you produce and create a lasting relationship with your brand. Appropriate content will keep bringing your readers to your website.

Paid Marketing Process

As compare to organic advertising method, paid advertising give more website traffic & boost your brand awareness. With this method you can generate leads and sales for your brand. Once your audience is discovered you can retarget your audience who is likely to buy your products. You can customize your ads as per your requirement and target audience.

Let’s go through with some of the best things paid marketing has to do

Instant traffic with paid advertising: Paid advertising give you instant result, rather than build your audience over time. You will able to get detailed reports and targeting audience immediately.

Target your advertising more effectively: With paid advertising, you can get your ads directly in front of your target buyers: the individuals who are most likely to make a purchase of your product or services. On social media and other advertising platforms, lookalike audiences help you to target people that have the same interests and demographics as your current customer base.

A variety of ad options and ways to capture customers: Many types of targeting option is available in paid marketing.  With this option we can drive more click and ultimately get more sales. Also, most advertising platforms show only the most relevant ads to the customers and only charge you pay per click, so you’re only paying for ads that are actually successful. 

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